Recent News

June 25, 2018: New NSF grant received! ” A Bottom-up Framework for the Nanoscale Origins of Ice Formation and Adhesion on Structured Surfaces.” PI: Dr. Megaridis; Co-PI’s: Drs. S. Anand and T. Shokuhfar. Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Amount: $335,242, Period: July 2018 – June 2021. This program generates science-based guidelines for optimal anti-icing performance. The methodology employs graphene liquid cells (GLCs) with encapsulated nanoparticles of varying wettabilities and sizes. The research, by generating high-quality experimental data for a spatial regime of multiphase transport that has been inaccessible by existing instrumentation, opens new horizons for validating and advancing models simulating nanometer-scale multiphase systems.

May 13, 2018: Congratulations to MNFTL’s 2018 graduates: Aritra Ghosh (PhD), Mohamed Elsharkawy (PhD), Luca Bellora (MS), Patrick Carroll (MS) and John Palumbo (MS).


April 18, 2018: Uddalok Sen receives UIC Dean’s Scholar Award. This is the most distinguished award that UIC offers to graduate students. Those chosen are considered most likely to make outstanding contributions to their University and their fields of learning. Congratulations Uddalok!


April 3, 2018: Undergraduate researcher Kayla Storme (UIC Biochem BS 2018) receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. The highly-competitive program supports high-potential, early-career scientists and engineers towards their graduate research training in STEM field. Congratulations Kayla!

Mar 1, 2018: Research grant received! “Materials, Product Development and Nanotechnology (MAPRONANO) Africa Center of Excellence”. Sponsor: World Bank (via Makerere University, Uganda), Amount: $325,000 (UIC Share of $6M total), Period: Mar 2018 – Jul 2022. The MAPRONANO African Center of Excellence (ACE) based in Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, focuses on enhancinng materials and product development through value addition. The Center develops nanotechnology solutions to problems in the areas of energy, water, the envuironment and medicine. UIC will serve as host site for up to 4 PhD students from the Center. These students will spend extended periods of time in Ys 2 and 3 of the program working with Dr Megaridis and his students/postdocs in areas focusing on microfluidics and medical diagnostics.

Feb 1, 2018: Research grant received! “Rapid 3D transport of liquid in porous substrates”. Sponsor: Kimberly-Clark, Amount: $143,314, Period: Feb 1, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019. This research program is developing strategies and identifying the bounds for rapid tranport of liquids on the surface of and absorption inside porous substrates. The program builds on MNFTL’s demonstrated capability to transport liquids pumplessly at high rates. This critical capability provides the foundation for attaining high liquid-absorption rates with long-term goal to assist the design of next-generation incontinence products.

Feb 1, 2018: Research grant received! “Fluorine-free hydrophobic formulations for nonwoven substrates”. Sponsor: Kimberly-Clark, Amount: $84,773, Period: Feb 1, 2018-Jan 31, 2019. This research program aims to develop water-based, fluorine-free, superhydrophobic coating formulations, which can impart super-repellency to fibrous substrates. The current state of the research assures that such coatings can be applied to impart repellency to flat, impermeable substrates. The focus of the work forward is to do the same for porous substrates that are inherently non-wettable.