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Photo of Koukoravas, Theodore

Theodore Koukoravas, PhD

PhD Candidate

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Research Statement:
Theodore is currently working on surface-energy-patterning of metal substrates and their application in heat transfer in order to create energy-efficient systems for high-demand cooling applications.
Activities/Hobbies outside of research:
Theodore is interested in sports, martial arts, traveling, and cooking.
Previous Research Experience:
Theodore’s undergraduate research was titled ‘Evaluation of a new methodology for the effect of load variation on Diesel engine combustion pressure.’

Selected Publications

Koukoravas, T.P., Ghosh, A., Sinha Mahapatra, P., Ganguly, R., Megaridis, C.M. (2016). “Spatially-selective cooling by liquid jet impinging orthogonally on a wettability-patterned surface.” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 95 (2016): 142-152

Koukoravas, T.P., Sinha Mahapatra, P., Ganguly, R., Megaridis, C.M. (2018). “Wettability-confined liquid-film convective cooling: Parameter study.” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 126 (2018): 667-676


B. S. (Mechanical Engineering) – National Technical University, Athens, Greece.